Makin’ Crafts

mow crafty 3

Making crafts can be relaxing and fun, like a hobby. But let’s face it! It can be stressful, painful, and unrewarding, too! Like when I go all out for my daughter at the last minute, staying up until 2 a.m., burning my finger on a hot glue gun and/or sticking a pin in my thumb, to complete a gift (that I am super proud of) for her to give someone and when she sees it, there is no facial emotion going on that I can see and she even forgets to take it with her when she leaves. Not that it has ever really happened to me, just an example of what one can go through when making crafts. Could somebody help me? I seem to have this knife stuck in my heart and I’m have a bit of trouble trying to pull it out.

Anyway, I love to make things, see new ideas and modify or make them my own. Pinterest has become my new best friend (no offense craft buddy twin, you are still my craft besty!) There are so many things on Pinterest to create, so many ideas for pretty much anything you can wonder about. Oh, and there’s the rest of the Internet, too. Join us on this crafty journey, Makin’ Crafts!