Hi there! Glad you found us. Just like the song, making our way really does take everything we’ve got. From family and friends, crafts and business, to travel and fun, it seems as though I have a million and one things going on at a time. All of this while trying to improve myself and truly enjoy this short time on earth.

There is so much to be done in this life. We are all so different, with different goals, different values, different ideas; this is what makes the world go around, so to speak. What are your goals? What are you making your way through? Some of us are trying to make our way through school. Some of us are making our way through business, work, and careers. Some of us are even making their way trying to get out of having to work. Some are making their way through raising children. Some of us are trying to make our way through three minutes in the bathroom without a kid opening the door or saying, “Mom? Can I ….?” And some are just trying to make their way through life.

I’ve always had a love to learn, not just school book stuff, real life things, such as building and making something with your hands like a Christmas ornament or a skyscraper, learning a new skill like computers or driving a tractor trailer. or learning a new sport like racquetball or becoming a collegiate cheer coach. But I’ve found that the best part of learning all these things, is passing the information on to the next person. Watching the light come on when they get it and seeing the excitement of learning when it happens, that brings me the most joy. I will keep finding new things to do, learn new and different ways, and I hope that you may find something here for yourself and maybe share what you know, too.

Here on these pages, we are makin’ our way through life, children, family, friends, business, crafts, learning, and more. We are sharing what we learn and know and we plan to have a lot of fun along the way. Like milk-coming-out-your-nose kind of fun. Please join us while we are Makin’ Our Way!