Photos are in Danger: What’s Next?

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The photos we save are reminders of life’s most cherished moments. They tell our stories of our family, our relationships, our culture, our faith, and especially our love. They are inexpressibly important, not just for us but for future generations. They should be protected.

Taking pictures is easy. The challenge is deciding what to do with those pictures after the flash goes off. None of the many options we’ve addressed are sufficient to preserve and safeguard those photos long-term.

We’re not urging you to outrage or insisting you drop your existing storage providers. Again, the more layers your storage plan has, the better. But you also need easy access to everything in one place, preferably with a company committed to backing it up for you several times over.

Fortunately, there is a new way to save and share your precious photos and other memories—and for hundreds of years. And that’s with permanent online storage.

Permanent Online Storage provides a new kind of online storage that removes the risks and dangers associated with today’s other options.

Primary features and benefits of a permanent membership at include:


You will always be the owner of your digital property, and it’s guaranteed to be there for your lifetime, plus 100 years.


Forever, Inc. is a high integrity company (like leading life insurance providers) that is committed to professional­ly managing your digital property over the long term.

Privacy & Security

Your personal information will never be sold to others and is only viewable by those whom you trust.

Automatic Protection

Cell phone photos can be uploaded automatically, where they will be triple backed up and encrypted.

Ease of Use

Web and award-winning mobile apps make the organization of your life’s moments fun and easy.

Cost Effective

Your memories can be protected permanently for about the price of one cup of coffee per month.

Photo Scanning and Media Conversion

Simple and secure photo scanning, digitization, and media conversion.

We Can Digitize Just About Anything!

Want to create a digital copy of a painting that’s been in the family for years? Or how about the pottery your kids made in kindergarten?

Our services team can create digital, shareable versions of many significant family heirlooms. We’re well-versed in archival preservation and take the utmost care to not only give you a fantastic digital copy, but also ensure the safety of your most precious items.

And That’s Not All!

Our media experts can also provide photo restoration and colorization, audio and video editing and production, scrapbook design, and more.’s permanent members gain a private residence in cyberspace that they own, where their photos are secure, private, backed up and shared only with those they trust.

You can try for free, no credit card required, or become a permanent member. Either way, you’ll be taking the first step in ensuring your memories are safe—always. Your family is counting on you. Learn more or sign up today! Contact the Ambassador of this page, Laura Kelly, to get started on saving those precious memories!




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