Renewing One Of My Passions

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I have some AMAZING news! Stick with me here.

Several years ago my Dad started sending me pictures of his family, the old black and white photos of stern, grumpy looking people most of whom I had never met. Then on one trip he made to visit me he brought a box full of the photos and went through them telling me the names of relatives, for me long departed.

At the time I was a Consultant for a well-known scrapbook company and I was excited about the opportunity to have another project. Mind you, this was BEFORE having all three of my little amigos, when I actually had some time to myself! I was also a software trainer by trade in the corporate financial world and immediately got to work scanning the photos to save them digitally, knowing they were the only copies of these gems and understanding that it was up to me to preserve them for future family members. No small task here!

Oh how I wish I had made more notes, listened to more stories, and made more time to sit with and get my Dad to open up about all of these mysterious people in the black and white photos he gave me. My whole life he wasn’t much of a talker and he wasn’t raised to be open about feelings and the past. Just like most of us in this crazy, busy world, sitting down to talk about the past and share memories are a couple of the easiest things to “put off until later.” I don’t want to make that mistake again. It’s been a year since I last held my Dad’s hand at the hospital, gave him a kiss, and said goodbye for the last time and telling him it’s okay to go now, I’m okay, we are all okay. Man, I miss him.

Ironically for the guy who didn’t talk much his entire life, he’d had an accident that left him with stroke-like symptoms and he was unable to move one side of his body and couldn’t talk. I could see in his eyes he had so much to say, especially when the tears came down his cheeks. Needless to say, we played a lot of charades and guessing games those last couple weeks. Some of it downright hilarious, like when my brother told him my mom, his ex-wife of 30+ years, would be coming to visit him (she wasn’t) and Dad threw his hand up in the air, rolled his eyes, and groaned his familiar “ohhhhh!” That lightened the mood a bit.

So, back to the photos, how do we save our beloved memories so that they can be preserved for us and for future generations AND tell the stories we need to save and pass down? There really is no absolute guarantee about any of the solutions to saving photos and precious memories. You know, apocalypse, Armageddon, etc. Hey, it could happen!

Geez, I seem like such a downer here. So what about that AMAZING news I had to share? Well when I said there really is no absolute guarantee about any of the solutions, I believe I have found the solution that is as close as you can possibly get!

And I am excited to say that I have joined them as an Ambassador in order to spread the word that there IS a way. Welcome to permanent photo storage from a company that guarantees that your important information will be preserved, protected, and available for your lifetime plus generations beyond.


My Dad doing what he loves best!

My Dad doing what he loves best!

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